Talent strategy


Adhere to the people-oriented, starting from the individual characteristics of the staff resources, combined with job requirements, to the greatest extent reasonable and optimize the allocation of human resources. And continue to use a variety of incentives and training to fully tap and apply the maximum potential of each employee;

Make every effort to provide each employee with fully demonstrated stage and opportunity, and devote themselves to expanding the space and channels for each employee's advancement;

To develop the strategy as a prerequisite for the design of their own practical and efficient pay system, based on organizational and individual performance, build a macro-optoelectronic features benign interactive return mechanism;

Services in the company's development strategy. The introduction and use of human resources has always been around the company's development strategy, and always serve the strategic objectives and promote the realization of the strategic objectives;

Build a well-structured team. To strategic objectives as the premise, based on the actual company, combined with the personalized characteristics of human resources, avoid weaknesses, and strive to create belonging to Hong Ke Optoelectronics own excellent team;

Vigorously carry out training work, make full use of internal and external resources, to carry out a variety of training, training the core strength of the company;

Through the establishment and improvement of internal personnel training and development mechanism to ensure the development of career development personnel, internal selection, supplemented by external recruitment;

Through planned, organized and diversified training to improve staff job skills and professional qualities, enhance organizational capacity and realize the value of human capital;

Selection and corporate values and culture are consistent, with the potential for success, a strong motivation for achievement, a spirit of cooperation, to adapt to change, with innovative ability of personnel.